Brief initial consultation is free. Following are typical fees for services most often requested. Actual fees may vary, depending on the length and complexity of your matter. There are few “one size fits all” solutions to legal matters.

Letter or Phone Call for Client–$150–$300

Legal Advice/Coaching + Legal Research–$250–$500

Legal Advice + Document Review–$250–$500

Legal Advice + Document Preparation–$500–$1,000

Business Counseling, review of current practices–$1,000

Business Formation–$1,000

Simple Will without Trust Provisions– $500

Simple Will with Trust Provisions –$700–$1,000

Living Trust–$1,000–$1,500

Spouse’s Will with Similar Provisions–$400

Spouse’s Trust with Similar Provisions–$500

Advance Directives–$250

Power of Attorney–$300

Legal Strategy Session $250–$500


Drafting and Negotiating a Marital Settlement Agreement $500–$1,000

Affidavit preparation $150–$300

Hourly services–$250